Trattoria La Guinguette da Slim
Ingredients and quantities

Quantities for 4 people:

  • 2 grey mullet, weighing ½kg each
  • ¼l white wine vinegar
  • 1l olive oil from the hills of Cesena
  • 2 fresh chilli peppers
  • white pepper
  • Cervia sea salt
  • 2 whole cloves garlic
  • orange peel and orange blossom
  • sage and mint

“Grey mullet” marinated in aromatic herbs

Type of recipe: Main courses

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Preparation method:

Scale the fish, remove the heads and tails, wash and cut each fish into 3 slices. Finely chop the orange peel, sage, mint, chilli peppers and garlic. Place part of this mixture in an ovenproof dish and rub the remainder into the fish. Add the Cervia sea salt and some pepper. Leave the fish to marinate for about 10 minutes.
Add the oil and vinegar and rub into the fish. Place everything on a hob and cook over a moderate heat for about 5 minutes, until it reaches boiling point. Remove from the heat, cover with a lid or aluminium foil. Turn the oven to 220°C and, without waiting for it to heat up, cook the fish for about 15 minutes.

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