Tipico a Tavola

“Tipico a Tavola” is a network of restaurants where quality cuisine combines with the warm hospitality typical of Emilia-Romagna in order to guide visitors on a journey to discover and understand the flavours of an exciting food and wine tourism route and not only.

Carefully-selected dishes, local products, welcoming atmospheres and qualified personnel are the winning combination that guarantees the delight of sitting around a table enjoying good food and wine.

The menu
The menu offers dishes and meals prepared using traditional local recipes, accompanied by locally-produced wines. Suitably indicated in the menus, TIPICO A TAVOLA dishes are presented with full details on how they are prepared and on the typicality and origin of the products used. 

The products
TIPICO A TAVOLA dishes are mainly prepared using fresh, locally-sourced products.

The restaurant
A welcoming atmosphere is one of the hallmarks of restaurants that display the TIPICO A TAVOLA brand logo.

Professionalism and expertise
All personnel has been specially trained to expertly illustrate the food and wine on offer, explaining and presenting the preparation of TIPICO A TAVOLA dishes and wines.

Unique regional dishes and wines, the unforgettable flavours of Mediterranean tradition.